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Argentina y Sudáfrica: reflexiones después del Mal

editado por: Claudia Hilb; Lucas G. Martín y Philippe-Joseph Salazar

notas de prensa

Can Argentina recover from recent past? A human rights debate compares two traumas
Buenos Aires Herald - Argentina, 4/12/2014

título de la nota: Can Argentina recover from recent past? A human rights debate compares two traumas
autor de la nota: Andrew Graham Yooll
medio: Buenos Aires Herald - Argentina
fecha: 4/12/2014

In Claudia Hilb’s overview of both experiences, Argentina and South Africa, she insists on their uniqueness and on the need to keep them separate. Argentina’s experience in the trials of 1985 involved, first, the impressive task of gathering information which came from the victims. The author remarks that the perpetrators in Argentina were the most reluctant to provide information, quite unlike South Africa where those most interested in telling the truth of their actions were the criminals. Another marked difference in the experience of both countries was that Argentina put on trial a group of men who had been part of a heads-of-state collective. The most senior authority in the land at one time was put on trial, and that took some doing.
In an interview in La Nación, the philosopher, who atended some of the trials in 1985 and others more recently, said that "half of Argentine history (for the seventies) disappeared in the silence of those who will not speak. In South Africa people agreed that working only on memory industry was unpolitical because it prevented any form of progress. Museums show pieces of evidence but much more than is shown remains hidden".
Salazar argues that due process is simply the submission of evidence against evidence. "Justice is a coded form of revenge... South Africa showed that there are other forms of justice to understand politics. They (Argentines) will never know the truth".

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